About Us
Thukral Products (INDIA) was established in the year 1990, with the objective to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers in terms of quality and services.

We are Indian manufacturing company of Stainless Steel Washers like Plain Washers, Flat Washers as per din 125a washer iso 7089  Din 125b plain washer iso 7090, Din 126 plain washer, din 126 plain washer iso 7091, din 9021, is2016 washers with available sizes M3 To M56 etc. We also manufacture din 127 spring washers and din 128 spring lock washers curved and wave, Double coiled spring washer. Our other Zinc plated steel washers range includes with grade 5 and grade 8 steel. We are also supplying Hot dipped galvanized steel washer, Nickel plated steel washers, Chrome plated steel washers, Conical Washers or Belleville Spring Washer with DIN 137A , DIN 137B, DIN 6796, Star Washers or star lock washer, dimple washers etc. at wholesale price.

We are endowed with a team of highly experienced workers, who are entirely devoted towards their work. We have also appointed well-trained team of Engineers, who have in-depth knowledge about various aspects related to this domain. Their hard work and zeal to give their best to their company make them the strength of our organization. Our support team has a good experience in the manufacturing of sheet metal fasteners.

Products List
Thukral Products (India) is producing best quality and highly reliable sheet metal and stamping washers products such as Mild Steel Washers, wrought washers like Plain and Flat Washers, Hardened Washers, All DIN Standard Washers, IS Standard Washers, USS Standard Washers, Spring Lock Washer, Tooth Lock Washers, Tab Washers, Taper Washers, Crinkle Washers, Square Washers Din436 washer, Wave Washers, Din 1440 plain washer iso 8738, Special Purpose Washers, Machine washers, Industrial Washers etc.

We also export Metric washers, structural washers, stainless steel hardened washers, USS flat washers, Spring Steel Flat Washers, Plain Finish washer, curved washers, Penny Washer, stamping washers, wood construction square hole washers and special purpose washers etc. to International Market from India.

Thukral Products are one of the reputed manufacturer of all kinds of Split Pins also known as Cotter Pins DIN 94, bulb cotter pin. we also export Stainless steel Split Pin to worldwide countries.

Our range of Spring Dowel Pins are used in axle fitting of vehicles and to retain part in a fixed position. Dowel Pins are manufactured as per DIN 1481 or ISO 8752 and available in diameter from 1mm to 20mm length from 10mm to 250mm. Dowel pin are also know Slotted & Hollow Dowel Pins etc.

Retaining Pins or Rpins also Called R-clips due to the R form are manufactured in the single coil and double loop coil rpin design. r-pins with single coil is suitable for Tractor Linkage Assembly and the double coil retaining pin is for special purpose.

Our Stainless Steel Lynch Pins or Linch Pins are widely used in Tractor Linkage assembly and Linkage Parts for securing joints in tractor. we manufacture and export pipe pto pins to international countries from India.


We supply our circlips to OEM companies and abroad market. Our Steel Circlips are manufactured under rigid quality test control and we are manufacturing and supplying wide range of External Circlips & Internal Circlips also known with other names like E type Circlips, Snap Rings and Bearing Locks, C type Circlips etc. These circlips are used in Engines assembly, Circlip for Shafts and pipes, circlips for bearings and Engines parts. Our Steel Circlips are available in DIN 471, DIN 472, DIN-6799, IS-3075 Type-E with sizes available from: M10 TO M300.

Manufacturing Facilities
We possess a well organized and technically advanced infrastructural base to manufacture the superior quality all types of din standard washers and sheet metal component products for the clients. Besides, we are assisted by the skilled and professionally trained workforce at the unit. The huge working area is a big strength of the company that helps us to perform various activities to make the product hassle free.

The company is well equipped with appropriate testing facilities and team of experts who keep a strong check over the manufacturing process totally. The entire company is certified with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. We maintain Quality of our products as well as cost. We never compromise with products in relation because quality products are our company's back bone. we provide very competitive rates to our reputed customers with 100% customer satisfaction.

Feedback / Query
To get more information about the products or company, you can e-mail us or call us and we would get back to you as soon as possible. We solicit queries from all interested buyers, importers, traders, dealers.

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