DIN Chart (Washers)

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DIN 9021Flat Washers

DIN 9021flat washers manufacturers in india
Model No: DIN 9021
Material Soft Steel

Zinc Plain, H.D.G Phosphating, Black Heat Treatment, Galvanized,

Hardness: -
Bolt Size Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Thickness
M3 3.2mm 9.0mm 0.8mm
M3.5 3.7mm 11mm 0.80mm
M4 4.3mm 12mm 1.0mm
M5 5.3mm 15mm 1.2mm
M6 6.4mm 18mm 1.6mm
M7 7.4mm 22mm 2.0mm
M8 8.4mm 24mm 2.0mm
M10 10.5mm 30mm 2.5mm
M12 13mm 36mm 3.0mm
M14 15mm 42mm 3.0mm
M16 17mm 48mm 3.0mm
M18 20mm 54mm 4.0mm
M20 22mm 60mm 4.0mm
M22 24mm 66mm 5.0mm
M24 26mm 72mm 5.0mm
M27 29mm 81mm 6.0mm
M30 33mm 90mm 8.0mm
M33 36mm 99mm 8.0mm
M36 39mm 108mm 10.0mm
M39 42mm 117mm 10.0mm





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